The Amazing Tent Company specialise in providing Saddledspan temporary event structures. Our versatile SaddleSpan configurations are ideal for festivals, corporate events, concerts, exhibitions and conferences.  We also have the beautiful Spiegeltent available.

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Our SaddleSpans offer a unique venue and staging area whose footprint can be adapted to the space required and can be installed on a wide variety of ground conditions from grass to concrete.


Make an impression with your corporate event, from conferences to family fun days, by hosting it in one of our SaddleSpans.


The wide, curvaceous design of our SaddleSpans create a spacious and spectacular area for showing off your brand or product.

Special Events

Make your event special with an amazing venue that can be tailored to meet your needs and is guaranteed to impress your guests.


The event toolbox: what’s in yours?

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This beautiful and exclusive mirror tent will make your event extra special. Originally built between 1910 and 1922, these tents were used for cabaret, theatre, parties, weddings and all types of musical events.

Their sumptuously detailed interiors and intricate exteriors have been lovingly recreated to provide an amazing venue for the modern-day version all of the above events and more…

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