The spectacular, curvaceous design of the SaddleSpan is perfect for marketing your product or business in a memorable way. There a number of ways to brand the tents to suit your budget and required effect.


The SaddleSpan wings add some extra real estate to your amazing tent, providing a really visible place for you to showcase your brand.

Rainbow Banners

Rainbow banner

Make a strong impression across the front of the SaddleSpan with a Rainbow banner. Perfect for stage covers or canopies.


Starburst banner Great for events where a lot of people will see the tent from the outside, a Starburst banner will show off your brand on our spectacular tents.


Trapeze banner w-wings A trapeze banner will make the outside of your tent spectacular. The trapeze banners work really well with wings.


Galaxy banner Make an incredible impression with a fully branded SaddleSpan. Galaxy branding gives you total roof cover.