Corporate Marquee Hire

If you have a corporate client looking for a unique and flexible corporate marquee hire then the SaddleSpan is the way to go.  The location of the venue is entirely up to you as our SaddleSpans can be erected about anywhere and you are guaranteed to create an impact.

Corporate SaddleSpan Configurations

SaddleSpans can be used for a number of corporate events, the limitation is only your imagination but the most popular uses are conferences, family fun days and gala events.

Conference Marquee

The SaddleSpan is perfect for the client who wants a cutting edge and unique conference venue. Able to seat up to 1700 delegates with separate catering or bar areas and in any location, the SaddleSpan conference marquee is incredibly adaptable. It can also be easily branded, dressed and lit to your client's specifications.

For an idea of type of marquees used for conferences please see our other configurations page.

Family Fun Days

Corporate Marquee Hire

SaddleSpans are so adaptable they can be used for almost anything during a family fun day. This means that if you need a few marquees you can have a consistent theme.

Uses of our SaddleSpans for corporate fun days include activity covers, play areas, audience covers, stage covers, canopies for outdoor catering and party venues.


Gala Events

Saddlespan corpoate events

Create a wow factor for your client's gala event with a structure that creates a sense of space.  Our larger structures give design teams the ability to create an unparalleled experience and with a height of 7m the scope to produce wonderful environments.