The SaddleSpan is excellent for marketing products and branding events.  Its high, wide curvaceous design creates a spacious and spectacular area.

The SaddleSpan doesn’t have poles supporting the structure so there is nothing blocking lines of sight and nothing to distract the eye from your exhibitor’s products and displays.

The opaque fabric cover of the SaddleSpan is easy to brand with company logos and can even be used as a  film screen.

The SaddleSpan exhibition marquee is a perfect substitute for exhibition halls for agents want to make an impression with their marketing event.  Starting at £15/m2 SaddleSpans are ideal for product launches, experiential marketing, trade shows, car shows and trade stands.

Experiential Marketing

Saddlespan Corporate Marketing Organising memorable events so that the memory of the product becomes the product is the driving force of experiential marketing and hosting your event in or building your event around an amazing SaddleSpan structure reinforces the experience whether it's roadshows, product launches, product sampling or TV ads.

Product Launch

Saddlespan product launch

As a venue or structure for your product launch our SaddleSpans are perfect.  You have the ability to dress, light and brand the tent to create the ideal backdrop for your product.

Trade Shows

Saddlespan for trade shows

Stand out from the crowd by hiring one of our amazing SaddleSpan tents to display your product and entice your clients.