Other Configurations

The modular nature of the S5000 SaddleSpan means that configurations other than the DuoSpan and TriSpan are possible.

Here are a few more examples of just how flexible the SaddleSpans are and just how big a marquee can be created for your very special event.


Saddlespan Triospan The TrioSpan consists of three S5000 SaddleSpans connected in a row. Area: 1,350 m2 Standing capacity: 2,700 Row seating capacity: 1,800 Gala seating capacity: 750

4-Y SaddleSpan

4-Y Saddlespan This structure consists of four S5000 SaddleSpans connected in large "Y" configuration. Area: 1,660 m2 Standing capacity: 3,320 Row seating capacity: 2,215 Gala seating capacity 925

5-Y SaddleSpan

5-Y Saddlespan This structure consists of five S5000 SaddleSpans connected in an extended "Y" configuration. Area: 2,085 m2 Standing capacity: 4,170 Row seating capacity: 2,780 Gala seating capacity 1,160

6-Double Y SaddleSpan

6 Double Y Saddlespan This structure is effectively two S5000 TriSpans connected together. Area: 2,485 m2 Standing capacity: 4,970 Row seating capacity: 3,315 Gala seating capacity: 1,385


Septaspan Saddlespan Seven S5000 Saddlespans are connected together. Area: 2,910 m2 Standing capacity: 5,820 Row seating capacity: 3,880 Gala seating capacity: 1,620