The Quad Span is the only one in Europe of its kind, with epic proportions and plenty of space it’s the perfect option if the TriSpan is a squeeze. It has the ability to offer a truly 360-degree experience for guests and it has limitless scope for events and activities – this is one Span that is in a class of its own! It is available with no ends as an open structure, with two sides, three sides, or finally with four sides closed, as a completely enclosed Span.

QuadSpan Specification

Capacity Guidem2Standing *Theatre†Gala‡
Concert 1155031002065860
Concert 2165033002200915
Concert 3175035002335970

Square metre-age is based on the length x width of each structure, the usable square metre-age varies from structure to structure. The capacities provided above are approximate and indicative only, these will vary wherever additional equipment is added i.e. stage, dance floor, bar etc,. and/or if your per-person allowance is greater than that provided for each format.

* - Allowance of 0.5m2 per person (HSE's figure for Density of Crowd)

† - Allowance of 0.75m2 per person (also allows for standing Cocktail format)

‡ - Allowance of 1.8m2 per person