S5000 TriSpan

The SaddleSpan TriSpan, apart from creating a huge temporary structure, can be configured to be completely open, closed at one or two ends, or be totally Enclosed.

The major attraction of the SaddleSpan TriSpan is its shape.  Three separate areas or zones can be created under one roof giving the event planner greater flexibility in layout, design and use.

Open on all three ends the TriSpan makes an impressive Canopy, while in the Concert format separate closed areas can be created while still leaving the venue open to nature.

Totally Enclosed the TriSpan makes a fantastic event structure suitable for any large event.

SaddleSpan TriSpan Specifications

Capacity Guidem2Standing *Theatre†Gala‡
Concert 111052,2101,475615
Concert 2133026601770740

Suspended Weight Loadings:

220 kg per arch – evenly distributed with soft fix only, no clamps.

Square metre-age is based on the length x width of each structure, the usable square metre-age varies from structure to structure. The capacities provided above are approximate and indicative only, these will vary wherever additional equipment is added i.e. stage, dance floor, bar etc,. and/or if your per-person allowance is greater than that provided for each format.

* - Allowance of 0.5m2 per person (HSE's figure for Density of Crowd)

† - Allowance of 0.75m2 per person (also allows for standing Cocktail format)

‡ - Allowance of 1.8m2 per person